In the first century BC, the Berbers established a kingdom on the shores of the Mediterranean, known as the Kingdom of Mauritania, in relation to the word Moros in the Greek language, which means black.
The country was later referred to as Morocco Al Aqsa in Arabic
Where people in the ancient world believed that the sun rises from Japan in Chinese Nihon: the place where the sun rises and sets in the Kingdom of Morocco in Arabic
Morocco: the place of sunset, while the country derives its name in European languages ​​from the Latin word “Mork” which is the spelling of the name Marrakesh.
Sometimes the country was referred to by a name related to its capital: as “Mauritania Tangiers” whose capital was Tangier, as well as “The Kingdom of Marrakesh” and “The Kingdom of Fez” in relation to its known capitals at the time.
In parallel with that and to refer to the Maghreb region in general, the Arab historians in the Middle Ages used the term “the Maghreb”, while the Europeans used the term “the Berber coast”
To denote three regions:
Lower Maghreb Ifriqiya or Tunisia, Middle Maghreb Algeria


The total area of the Kingdom of Morocco is about 446,550 km2, including the area of Western Sahara, which is estimated at about 252,120 km2


Morocco is located in the far northwest of the African continent, and is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea and Spain, in addition to Gibraltar in the north, while it is bordered to the east and southeast by Algeria, while it is bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Its beaches are 1,835 km. Western Sahara also has borders with Algeria and Mauritania.

number of population

The population of Morocco is 36.91 million (2020)


Morocco should be among the countries that are at the forefront of the list of countries that you intend to visit. Tourism in Morocco has a special charm, fun and excitement that you will not find in many countries. It has a bit of imagination, so the scene of the vast desert is enough to make you look like you are watching a real movie of the splendor of its beauty and charm.

Wonderful tourist places

St. Andrew’s Church

It is an Anglican church that was established in the year 1905 AD, and it is one of the most quiet places in Tangiers; So it is a good place to visit for people who want to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the church outside contains a small cemetery containing graves dating back to the early twentieth century, and can be visited at any time; Because the chargé d’affaires of the church is permanently present in it.

Kasbah Museum

The Kasbah Museum is one of the tourist attractions in the Moroccan city of Tangier, and the museum contains large numbers of exhibits related to the history of Morocco, a collection of antiquities selected from the ancient Roman sites in the country, and also includes a life-size model of one of the Carthaginian tombs, exhibits showing the history of Tangier, and a section A large room contains Moroccan art, and another room contains silks, illustrated manuscripts, and decorated ceramics.


Marrakesh is located at the bottom of the Atlas Mountains. It is a city full of history. It also contains many things to see and do, such as: eating traditional Moroccan street food in the night market in Jamaâ El Fna, and shopping in the city for spices, jewelry, and others. In Marrakesh, there are many tourist attractions such as: the Saadian Tombs, and the Badi Palace.


Asilah is one of the Moroccan tourist cities surrounded by strong stone fortifications built by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. It contains narrow and quiet streets, traditional and modern restaurants at good prices, and cafes overlooking the Kasbah door for tea or coffee.


The “Capital of Souss” as it is called is one of the most beautiful cities in the south and includes the most beautiful beaches of Morocco and the world. Tourists see it as a haven on hot summer days to relax on its beautiful beach and enjoy the various activities that the city offers.


Chefchaouen is one of Morocco’s most beautiful towns. It is a mountain village full of trees. Its old city is Moroccan and Andalusian with red tiled roofs, blue buildings and narrow, closely spaced hallways in Outa El Hammam Square, a good place to relax and take day trips to the green hills.

The flag of Morocco is the official flag of the Kingdom of Morocco. It consists of a red field with a green five-pointed star in the middle. The red color is described as symbolizing boldness, strength and courage, while the green color symbolizes love, joy, wisdom, peace and hope. The five-pointed star originally symbolized the Seal of Solomon when the flag was officially adopted on November 17, 1915.