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Cultures and tourist attractions of each country

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When relying on the countries that are members of the League of Arab States, the number of Arab countries will reach twenty-two, these countries are distributed on two continents: Asia and Africa, which makes them in the middle strategic region of the ancient world, and this gave these countries great importance In the Middle Ages, it also has commercial importance because it is located in the middle of important routes for navigation and trade, including the Suez Canal, which overlooks the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Arab population

According to an estimate in 2021, the population of the Arab world was 444.81 million, in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and the Levant, and most of the area of ​​the Arab countries is in Africa, although the Arab world has a vast area of ​​13.4 million square kilometers, but 78% of them are located in North and East Africa. The arable land – in this giant area – is very small, as it does not exceed 3.6%, and a third of this agricultural land is located around the shores of the Nile River alone, and about half of it is distributed over the countries of the Maghreb, and a quarter in the Levant and Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula is almost vacant from any agricultural area.